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A La Carte Menu

Build Your Package

8ft. Rectangle Tables $9.50-$10+
6ft. Rectangle Tables $9.00-$10.00+
6ft. Round Tables $12-$12.50+
5ft Square $13+

Specialty Tables
Serpentine (wood) $13+
Serpentine (Elegant ) $250+
Large Letter Tables $250+
8ft. Barn Style Tables $$75+
Round Cocktail Tables $13+
Chandelier Table $300+


Polyester $10-$20
Blush Damask $20
Satin $15
Specialty Tablecloths $35-$65 (Rosette/Sequin/Velvet etc.)

Polyester $0.52+
Satin $0.56+
Satin $8 - $20+
Organza $5-$20+

Satin $2-$10+
Organza $2-$5+

Satin $2
Organza $2
Spandex $2

Chair Covers
Spandex (Ivory/Black/White) $2
Banquet (Ivory/Black/White) $2
Square Back (Ivory/Black/White) $2
Banquet Spandex (Ivory/Black. White $2

Basic White Folding Chairs $1.75+
Basic Black Folding Chairs $1.75+

Specialty Chairs
Chaivari Chairs $7.50+
Chaivari Bar Stool Chairs $20
Garden Style Chairs $4.50+
Cross Back Chairs $8+
Ghost Chairs $5-$7
Ghost Barstool Chairs 
Throne Chairs $275
Throne Couches $350
Wicker Chairs $300
Gold Luxe Chairs $8-$15
Phoenix $8-$15

Decor Options
Balloon Centerpieces $15-$50
Floral Centerpieces $35-$75
Custom Centerpieces (Please call us for pricing)
Sweetheart Table $250+
Dessert/Treat Table $150+

Champagne Wall $275+
Balloon Wall $450+
Balloon Garland $350+

Balloon Ring Backdrop $450+
Signage $35-$100+
Custom Name Designs (Quality Paper) $25-$75+
Mosaic Letter or Numbers $175 per letter/number

Full/Partial Planning

Full Planning (Birthday/Special Occasion Event) $550 additional on top of menu choices 

Partial Planning (Birthday/Special Occasion) $300 additional on top of menu 

Full Planning Wedding $1000 additional on top of menu choices or 20% of overall Wedding budget.

Partial Planning (Wedding) $550 additional on top of menu choices or 20% of overall budget.

Full Planning- OGH staff will be responsible for keeping everyone involved on track with planning. We are here to guide you throughout the entire process, attending many vendor meetings and consultations with the you, projecting and managing your budget, keeping track of when your vendor(s) payments are due, working on the event design and decor, plus managing everything involved with your special day. We also can help find and secure your venue by attending tours with you. We will also be there with you the day of your event to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Partial Planning- With partial planning we are only available to help secure and pay the vendors we need to decorate your event. We will be available the day of your event to make sure all of your vendors deliver and set up on time. 

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